What Was Good About Today

Owing to the strong sentiments I attach with this book, I chose this book for my first review.

‘What Was Good About Today’ is a soul-stirring work by first time author Carol Kruckeberg. And what is it about? It is a moving and honest account of the ordeals and challenges she faced after her daughter, Sara, was diagnosed with leukemia as a six year old.

I first read this story in a Reader’s Digest Condensed Edition as a ten year old kid. Since then, I keep going back, revisiting the Kruckeberg family, laughing at Sara’s spunky nature and I cry with her mother. This book has influenced me in a way like no other book has.

Nowhere does Carol Kruckeberg extrapolate, nowhere does the emotion seem excessive. It is honest, genuine and raw. Believe me when I say this book will stay with you a long, long time after you have read it. There really aren’t many negatives about this book-the writing style is clear, nuanced and to the point. It is very easy to get carried away and idealise every situation when writing about a loved one, but the author does a neat job of it. A great read that I would recommend to all. Hopefully, when you finish the book, you’ll find a lot of changes( for the better) in yourself.

The book is available at the following sites.



Or, you could get the Reader’s Digest Condensed Edition 1990 Volume I, which has this story along with three others.

Happy Reading!



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