A Place To Hide

I read this book about a year back in a RD Condensed Edition and it proved to be an extremely engaging read.

‘A Place to Hide’ is a 1987 novel by Evelyn Anthony (the pseudonym of Evelyn Ward-Thomas). It chronicles an uncertain period in the history of Ireland, when the IRA (Irish Republican Army) denounced the British rule of Ireland. Frank Arthunbot, born to an Anglo father and a native Irish mother, has long been trying to find out where his true allegiance lies.

Disowned by his step-mother and father for acting as a paymaster for the IRA, his only comfort in life is his half-sister Claire, whom he loves deeply and the best.
Frank is kidnapped in Ireland when he refuses to condone the atrocities being committed against the civilians by the IRA.

This deeply emotional story follows Claire as she goes in search of her missing brother to Ireland, with scant regard to her own life.

The character detailing stands out. The story might seem to lose a bit of pace at times but all things considered, it’s a decent read.
Evelyn Anthony weaves a suspenseful story of deceit, long-held prejudices, a country at conflict with itself and above all, the triumph of sibling love.

Well worth a read, if only to know more about the IRA and the events that went down during the time.

Here are a few links to buy the book, in case you’re interested enough to give it a read-



Happy Reading!


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