Here I Am

This was it. Every choice, every sacrifice, every decision she had taken in her life finally came down to this. She felt excitement, she felt a tingling in her nerves she had never experienced before. It was midnight.  She was ready.

She knew she ought to be resting before the big day. But she simply couldn’t. She didn’t want to miss any moment of the final few hours before her life changed. She walked slowly in her yard, recollecting and remembering. She would be leaving behind a lot of things, a lot of memories, a lot of people. She had lived in the same neighbourhood since she had been a kid. Everything about her home was familiar. She had always felt secure, loved and protected. Nothing could touch her here. She had hated it.

She wanted to experience, live life on the edge, do something that would make people notice her. She resented the fact that she was a plain Jane. She didn’t want to be just another person, lost in the crowd. She wanted to stand out. She just didn’t know how.

She smiled, thinking of the numerous nights she had spent in her room as a fifteen year old, desperate to be noticed. Her grades were good, never excellent. She had good friends, a few enemies and supportive parents. It hadn’t been enough.


She would never forget the day. Huddling with her parents on the couch as they watched the Twin Towers fall. But unlike her parents, she wasn’t trembling or scared. She was concentrating on the people she saw. She saw the injured, she saw the dead. They couldn’t hold her attention for long. The firefighters, the FBI, the NYPD-they did. She saw the ones in charge. And that did it for her.

Here she was, seven years later, a new recruit at the CIA’s Counter Terrorism division. She had come a long way. She mattered.

Dawn broke. The first rays of the sunlight hit her. She shielded her eyes, then let her hand drop and stared into the light. She carried pride in her heart and belief in her self. She had made it happen. It had all come together and she was ready.


When the impulse suddenly overtook me, I simply had to write this. The protagonist is somewhat inspired by a friend-she’s someone who’s always on the lookout for a chance, a challenge, anything to prove she’s up for it. And suffice to say that it has changed my own outlook on a lot of things.

Feedback would most certainly be appreciated. Cheers!



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