Diving Through Clouds by Nicola Lindsay

This is a novel with a heart. A big, open heart.

Imagine if you were dead but still there. Or here, whichever makes sense. Kate Fitzgerald is deceased but she doesn’t cease to exist. She is in a sort of limbo state, able to see people and hear their innermost thoughts. Cool, right? Not so much so when you end up finding out that your husband has been having an affair for ten years behind your back and that your daughter, who stormed out of your life eight years back, now has a son.

So what does Kate do? She learns to forgive. She learns to understand. Together with her grandson Matt (who is incredibly the only person who can perceive her),she brings her family together. Something she wouldn’t have thought possible had she been alive.

This is a great novel, filled with humor and emotion. It’s a perspective you’ll have rarely seen before and kudos to Lindsay for a brilliant portrayal of a dead protagonist. Let me just say it’s a heart-warming story with a supernatural undercurrent running through. If you’re thinking ghost stories don’t get you excited, let me assure you this is nothing like one. I’d probably never have read this one either if it hadn’t been one of the stories in my Reader’s Digest Select Edition copy, but now I’m immensely glad I did.

A good read for a relaxing afternoon!



Happy Reading! 🙂


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