Dues Finally Paid

Close on the heels of ‘The Imitation Game‘, I watched the much-talked about movie ‘American Sniper‘, nominated for six Oscars. Both films struck a chord within me. I don’t claim to be a decent movie reviewer. Hell, I still love watching Disney’s ‘High School Musical’! So we can safely discount the possibility of a movie review here. Two of my friends watched ‘American Sniper’ along with me and when it ended, I turned toward them, mouth open, tears in my eyes, expecting them to reciprocate my feelings. But as it turns out, they weren’t so impressed. They summed it up saying, “It was a great movie, but too ‘Oscar-ish'”. Whatever that meant.

I was highly offended. We had just watched one of the finest patriotic movies in recent times and I couldn’t understand why they would respond the way they did. But I realized it is through no fault of theirs. They simply separated the movie from the man on whose life it was based on. It is very hard for me to separate the two, which is exactly why I found the movie superlative. The very thought that such a man had lived, loved and fought for his country the way Chris Kyle had was enough to activate my tear ducts.

Likewise, ‘The Imitation Game’, based on the life of cryptographer Alan Turing, was a work of art. Benedict Cumberbatch, backed by a strong script, gave it everything he had and the results are there for everyone to see.

There is always, always the inescapable sadness that such men were not given their dues when they were alive. But as they say, Some we win. Some we lose. But the legend goes on.

I would recommend these two movies to everyone out there. Because there are all kinds of inspirations out there and these movies happen to be two of the best.


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