‘Winter Solstice’ by Rosamunde Pilcher

‘Winter Solstice’ by Rosamunde Pilcher is one of those books you can curl up in sofa with, a strong cup of tea by your side. It makes no pretenses about it, it’s a true-to-form Christmassy story of love, hope and living.

Five lives intertwine one Christmas in the most remarkable of ways-a grieving widower, Oscar Blundell, finds solace in his friend, a sixty something Elfrida Phipps, with the heart of a sixteen year old girl. Carrie and her niece, Lucy, meanwhile, are thinking about giving Christmas celebrations a miss this year and so is Sam, recently separated from his wife. All five of them find refuge in the most unlikeliest of places-Estate House in Scotland, of which Oscar owns half.

The book demands nothing more from the reader than following the storyline. There are no bad guys here, just the commonplace problems of common people. It’s a book designed to leave you comforted and satisfied at the end. However, that doesn’t make it any less interesting. It’s a charming book, replete with Pilcher’s trademark humour and touch. Beautiful descriptions, well-sketched out characters and great pensmanship make this one a delight to read.

A book to spread the Christmas cheer around!


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