‘Diana-Her True Story’ by Andrew Morton

This is one for the royal history buffs. Released amidst much furore and drama way back in 1992, Andrew Morton’s biography of the Princess of Wales is remarkable, to say the least.

A comprehensive and engaging biography of the Princess’ early years and upbringing is provided, which fascinates. An account of the subsequent years, during which her romance with Prince Charles blossomed and their marriage, billed the ‘wedding of the century’ took place, prove just how misled we, the general public were. Contrary to being the happiest years of her life, those years were among the most traumatic of her existence. Prince Charles’ relationship with the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker-Bowles, was a source of constant pain to Diana. Coupled with the pressures of being thrust onto the world stage, where her every move was closely scrutinized and judged, it was too much to take in.

A moving story of how a fairy tale wedding ended in shambles, it provides much to ponder about. The authenticity of all accounts in the book has now been verified and it paints a sad picture of the phenomenon she was. It is said that the publication of the book, in part, led to the worsening of the relationship between the Prince and Princess of Wales and eventually led to their separation.

Initially, the book was dismissed as a tabloid reporter’s desperate attempt at gaining fame, though it was backed by a media heavyweight such as ‘The Sunday Times’. However, it was only much later, that the world began to release there was more to it.

A cracker of a novel that laid the dark secrets of the monarchy bare, this book opened the hitherto adoring eyes of the public to the grim reality of Diana’s life as royalty. A two-part television series based on the book was also released, starring Naomi Watts in the titular role.



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