‘The Racketeer’ by John Grisham

John Grisham is a huge favorite of mine. While I lap up his fiction novels, my favourite work remains his only non-fiction book, ‘The Innocent Man‘. Dark, brooding and heavy, the book is an assault into the conscience of a system.

‘The Racketeer’ by John Grisham is further proof of his genius story telling abilities. Malcolm Bannister is serving ten years in prison wrongfully sentenced for being a willing accomplice to money laundering. Five years into his sentence, a federal judge is murdered and there are no suspects. Nobody knows the identity of the killer, except Bannister. If he plays his cards right, he could walk out of prison, a free man.

Careful crafting of the story keeps the intrigue and suspense high. Unlike most other Grisham novels that focus on courtroom drama, this one is about a man on the run and how he adapts to changing situations. For me, the reading experience ended on a high because I was not expecting the master stroke that comes towards the end.

Whatever one might say about Grisham’s novels being repetitive, it is hard to resist reading one.
From the master of courtroom dramas, this tale proves yet another absorbing thriller. Give it a read!


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