Reading Challenge

I’m embarking on my most ambitious project yet- Aiming to finish a ‘100 Books to Read before you die’ list before the end of the year. While previously, I scoffed at such lists, priding myself on not falling prey to such superficialities, I stand humbled and corrected now. 

While my reading habits have taken a turn for the worse during four moderately busy years in college, I never imagined I would be in a place where I found myself struggling to complete a book in a month. Exasperated at myself and with loads of free time on my hands now, I decided that the best way to regain the lost hours was to immerse myself in reading. For those interested, this is the list I’m focused on getting through.

I have to say, it has already helped me remarkably. I surprised myself by completing two books in two sittings (‘Bridget Jones’s Diary‘ by Helen Fielding and ‘On the Road‘ by Jack Kerouac) and while they aren’t huge novels to get through by any means, it still represents great progress for me. 

I hope the Reading gods stay with me.


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