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The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid

Warm, funny and intensely nostalgic, Bill Bryson’s ‘Thunderbolt Kid’ is one of the best pieces of literature I’ve read in a while. He opens with the line, ‘I was born in Des Moines, Iowa. Somebody had to.’; setting the tone for a book that is a wild, wild ride into the inner workings of a kid who grew up in one of the best times that America has ever seen.

The ‘Thunderbolt Kid’ charmed me. The writing style, the stories, practically everything about the book screamed out to me. As a girl who grew up in India in the 2000’s, there is practically nothing for me to relate to. And it was perhaps, exactly this novelty, that drew me in. The 1950s was a heady time in America-the Great Depression was finally over and prosperity was just around the corner. Everywhere you looked, you saw signs of a big, big world waiting to emerge. Bill describes each day bringing something new- color television; the atomic toilets at Bishop’s; the Kiddie Corral at Dahl’s, the local supermarket, filled with the most comic books you could ever see in a single place; and the most wondrous of all- Disneyland. It was a heady time in America and everyone knew it.

In the midst of all these goings-on was Bill, with a keen mind of his own. This, coupled with his zest for adventure and propensity to get into trouble, combine to produce a series of endearing real-life stories from his childhood. A book that perfectly chronicles a kid’s experience of growing up in a country that was poised at the very edge of becoming an undisputed superpower, the ‘Thunderbolt Kid’ is sure to leave you in love with the times that were.

Inimitable and perfect to a fault. 

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’24 Hours’ by Greg Iles

One of the better books I’ve re-read in a while-’24 Hours’ is a satisfying piece of thriller.

I recently watched the movie ‘Butterfly on a Wheel‘ starring Pierce Brosnan and Gerard Butler and was immediately reminded of a similar storyline I’d read before. After a bit of digging into my book-shelf, I managed to locate this book and was convinced the movie is based on the book. However, a few seconds of google-search proved I was wrong- the movie has nothing to do with the book.

Anyway, since I now had the book in my hand, I thought I’d give it a read. A sleek, neat thriller it turned out to be. Will Jennings and Karen are living the dream life. The couple dotes on their daughter, Abby, who is a juvenile diabetic. When Will leaves home for a weekend to attend a medical convention, little do the pair realize that their lives are soon to be turned upside down. Abby is kidnapped for ransom and the kidnapper tells Will that he has carried out kidnappings periodically and that it’s only the money he is interested in. However, Will and Karen instinctively know the stakes are different this time-the life of their daughter hinges on their ability to outsmart a professional criminal, who seems invincible. In 24 hours. Does Abby survive? Does the family reunite?

Well-written with enough intrigue and suspense, the book qualifies as a good thriller. Thriller buffs will surely find this one to their liking! A book that reiterates the fact that familial love trumps every other hardship, ’24 Hours’ is well worth your time.

P.S. A few more seconds of google-search leads to this information-The 2002 movie ‘Trapped‘ is based on ’24 Hours’. Oh well.

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