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The Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer

The Clifton Chronicles is probably Archer’s most ambitious work till date, spanning seven books and a time period of close to a century. I picked up the first of these books about six years back-‘Only Time Will Tell’ proved a masterpiece and like all readers, I was anticipating the release of the next book in the series. While the subsequent two books in the series- ‘Sins of the Father’ and ‘Best Kept Secret’ didn’t prove as compelling as their illustrious predecessor, I was very much curious to know the eventual fate of Harry Clifton and so, trudged on. Around this time, the Lord Jeffrey Archer himself came to India on a book tour and it was such a huge moment when I was able to meet and talk to him in person during the book signing for ‘Best Kept Secret’. (What an enigmatic gentleman, by the way.) Well, after this encounter with him, I really couldn’t wait for Book 4 to hit the stands. I really couldn’t.


The girl in a violet top (third row, right hand side), grinning away to glory-Yepp, that would be me! 😀

Which makes it all the more surprising why I didn’t actually buy the next book in the series soon as it came out. Anyway, I recently spied the book on my brother’s Kindle (such a handy thing!) around two years after its release and immediately set about reading it. ‘Mightier than the Sword’ is vintage Archer. The trademark cliffhanger was present at the end of Book 4, as a result of which I couldn’t get to sleep-I don’t really handle suspense well, if you must know. Which is why, at 2 AM on a cold chilly morning, I bought the penultimate book ‘Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man’ on Kindle Store and six hours later, was done with the book. ‘Cometh..’ is easily one of the best books I read this year-fine writing, good amount of intrigue and character depth.

I felt exhilarated-I hadn’t gone on a reading binge for a long time, and I fell asleep at 730 AM, grinning happily. The final installment, ‘This Was a Man‘ is also out. But I’ll be catching up on some sleep before I head there. This has been one brilliant saga.